Vanishing Edge Swimming Pools

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pools

This style of pool is the ultimate luxury, serene and unique! An edge pool featuring deceptive design techniques tricks the eye as if it merges into the ocean, sky or mountains in the background. The unique water flowing over the edge of the pool creates the relaxing feeling that there are no limits. It offers a unique sight and a wonderful feeling immensity and tranquility. This unique design proves that pool shapes are only limited by your imagination!

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool is an illusion. It has an edge that reaches the water level instead of above it, so that the water flows over the edge. A blade is placed on which the water overflows. From here the water is collected and pumped back to the main pool. It is the ultimate aesthetic choice that creates an attractive and memorable focal point in your premises. Elegant and sophisticated, this stunning pool satisfies the desire to create a refreshing and relaxing retreat. Commonly referred to as an infinity pool, invisible edge pool, or negative edge pool, a disappearing pool transforms a yard into a tranquil oasis.

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