Unique PoolsSpa Cyprus


A luxurious swimming pool upgrades the aesthetics of your home. A true miracle. Built to the highest standards, Unique Pools incorporate nature into their design to offer a stunning view to swimmers as well as spectators.

A brilliant aesthetic with a beautiful design. They offer a unique sight and a wonderful sense of vastness and tranquility. Create your own private paradise!


We are passionate about offering you the ultimate relaxation experience. We offer only high quality, professionally built SPAs, ideal for relaxation! Providing warmth, which relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility as well as helping to increase central blood circulation and improves heart performance.

They are constructed in such a way as to allow the body to rest in natural positions and enjoy an effective massage. Unique Pools’ SPAs are designed to rejuvenate body and spirit.


To protect your investment and provide a layer of security to your outdoor oasis, be sure to include a safety cover. Not only does it protect your pool from the elements, but more importantly it is a safety Precaution for children, pets and/or any unwanted ‘visitors’.

Unique Pools covers are specially made to fit any type of pool and any size.


We build long-term relationships with our customers and partners based on consistency, reliability and quality. Our team is highly qualified, with the expertise required to deliver complete solutions, ensuring the most advanced solutions for any project at any level of requirement.

We analyze your pool and recommend the most effective solutions. We undertake and transform any type of pool using the best materials on the market!